Brad Huff: CRIT popular champion

The Podium Men’s winner Brad Huff (center), second POS ~~ = TRUNC John Murphy (left) and bronze medalist Luke Keogh. Photo: Casey B. Gibson |

With a quick pass on the inside line of the curve in the US Nationals Pro Criterium, Brad Huff sprinted to an impressive victory, before pre favorites John Murphy and Luke Keough race, winning his second stars and Stripes jersey. Many of them were sure that the national champion of train drivers States come out, probably because Murphy’s team dominated for years the United States crits, but Huff Rally and his teammates had another idea. The team was tasked to attack and animate; “We wanted the ‘ol blue derail the train, and keep UHC on his back foot for the duration,” said Huff.

Huff was an unexpected winner, but it is certainly a popular one.

The 37-year-old bike rally Sprinter grew up in Fair Grove, Missouri, a small town about 25 minutes outside of Springfield upwards. “Home again led my favorite place,” says Huff. In high school, he ran track, and bought a mountain of work on her endurance to help him walk. By bus to school every day, he had the air to improve its maturity. his first race on a BMX track in Springfield, he hooked on cycling.

Huff was professional in 2006, and this year he was second to former Australian Hilton Clark in pro crit US nationals. Since Huff was the first American he took the jersey champion. he came out of the gate quickly in this rookie season, but Huff is not to win a habit. Before the last criterion the Huff Sunday had raised a total of three wins UCI, all occurring at least six years in Hainan tour of China.

It is often his personality, not palmares, which most wins .. if not all the professional peloton “no characters like Brad in the pack, sport is just a job and another cutthroat that” Huff said former teammate Kiel Reijnen, now riding Trek – Segafredo. Director Rally Cycling Team Pat McCarty said: “Brad is a good player on and off the bike It’s fun to be here and ready to do what he needs for his teammates, he is a guy to stand-up. .. “

Huff for many in the domestic field is certainly a role model. He and some friends on their race tattoos arms stored blood own means.” If one of between us have been tested positive, we say that we will go with a cheese grater and tattooing scraping “Huff joked in an interview earlier. His advice for young race is “clean race or does not work.”

In his first year as a professional Reijnen was inexperienced and excited. “Brad took me under his wing. Buy me coffee and I with constant consultation diet. Without Brad, I can not have survived my first year as a professional. Brad is an accomplished player, a very hard worker, gracious in defeat and modest in victory, “said Reijnen

To date Reijnen still gets texts from his former mentor. So bad, especially the days when the race was that mom is sometimes the only, to send a message. “Even if we for many years been teammates now Brad still believes in me as a person and an athlete, and he made sure that I know that, “Reijnen said. “We all work hard and sometimes that results in a win, and most of the time.”

Criterium Championship After Huff made a trip to France for the Tour of Britain before returning to more races in the States, including the Tour of Gila and hopefully the Tour of Utah .

Nationals victory Huff wrote in Greenville, South Carolina was certainly fierce. He was again rushed rebound of the disease and also in the race. But above all, his victory was probably one of the most popular in the big knit bunch. “Brad is like a deserved” McCarty, who is also a former professional said. Reijnen echoed the sentiment, “the Stars and Stripes, they can be proud shoulders resting on.”

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