01/31/2013 – (rsn) – Yolanda Fuentes, the sister of Eufemiano Fuentes, on the third day of the trial process to the Operación Puerto in their hands innocence washed. They learned “by the press” of the medical activities of her brother. “Half of the media is to blame for the death of my father,” claimed the Spaniard in Madrid.

Yolanda Fuentes team doctor was when former Comunidad Valenciana racing team. Her brother “told me how, a team, but nothing about his medical activities,” said Fuentes, according to a report by Marca. “My mission with the team was to monitor the health of the driver, to give them vitamins and agents for recovery. The analysis of my team were carried out in the laboratories of the UCI, not in that of my brother, “said Yolanda Fuentes continued. In addition, the “Code of Conduct of the Comunidad Valenciana team does not allow that his driver my brother, or any other doctor, who did not belong to the team, sought out.” Have

gave Although the 54-year old that she had “in doubt sometimes asked my brother, because he is a very good doctor,” but of its activities it wants to have known nothing.

Even former professional Alberto Leon, who allegedly belongs to the network of her brother and killed in January 2011, she did not know. Although the documents appear on a prescription that it has issued to him, but Fuentes insisted: “Alberto had allergy problems and maybe I wrote him a prescription, but I have not met him, talked to him yet.”

Yolanda Fuentes refused to comment on the questions of the prosecution position, but stressed that it had never bled that she had always issued legal prescriptions and that none of its drivers had been involved in a doping case.

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